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With 2016 in our rear view mirrors, we at Plush are looking forward to another fantastic twelve months of making music with our community. Music has always been a powerful healing force – throughout all of time, and throughout all cultures – and in a time of such division and widespread uncertainty, we hope to be the place where you come to express yourself, network with others, bridge gaps, and inspire the masses. Throughout the years we have appreciated working with all sorts of clients. No matter if we’re hosting the Jason Derulos of the world, or all the local artists who come in daily, ALL OF YOU make Plush a special place where we love to create. No matter where you’re from, what you look like, what type of music you make, or who you voted for, we look forward to working on great projects together and helping you bring your visions into reality. Peace and Love in 2017.   – Plush Staff

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